This is the blog for http://www.mathblogging.org. Mathblogging.org is designed as a convenient place to check on the mathematical blogosphere. On this blog we will write about the development of the site, as well as about mathematical posts we found interesting, and post the answers of math-bloggers who answered our questionnaire.

The project was inspired by scienceblogging.org, and its new face scienceseeker.org, which we admire greatly. However, the current mathematical online community which we try to accomodate is very different from the scientific community ScienceSeeker is focused on.

Which Blogs get listed?

We list all blogs we know, with the constraints that they are reasonably active, at least partly about mathematics, and offer a feed.

If we missed some, please submit them! If for any reason you don’t want to do that, you can also send us a mail.

What if I don’t want to be listed?

That’s of course fine too. We don’t want to force ourselves onto anyone. Just drop us a line and we will remove your blog from our site as quickly as the code allows it (it might take some hours, sorry!).

How does the site work anyways?

We are so glad you asked! Mathblogging.org is now using the excellent (and open source) software SubjectSeeker. SubjectSeeker is developed by our friends at ScienceSeeker, a project of ScienceOnline designed to fill the greater need for the scientific blogosphere.

Our original software was hosted on Google App engine, and you can still find our code on github.

We keep this blog on wordpress.com in case our own servers experience technical difficulties.

Who are we?

This project was started by Felix, Fred and Peter. Since the redesign it is run by Peter, Sam, and Fred. You can read more about the new team here.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below or contact us via email.


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  • View by Stats currently gives a server error. You probably know already… :-j

  • John Burk says:

    Any chance of doing this for other disciplines, eg. physicsblogging.com, or scienceblogging.com?

    • Well, actually scienceblogging.com/org is the site we originally imitated — you should check it out.

      Our code is opensource and google app engine has a good free quota that we only barely exceed, so it should be possible to set up a clone of mathblogging.org as physicsblogging.com with very little effort (as in, 30 minutes).

      However, we barely have the time to curate mathblogging.org; to start another site we would need more helpers. Any volunteers?

  • […] (originally dubbed its “v2.0″). (For those who remember, Felix, Fred and I originally modeled mathblogging.org after […]

  • Dave Marain says:

    Let’s see…
    I have the top 2 posts on math.alltop at this very moment and I didn’t even make your list! Maybe you’d better check your algorithm…

    • I’m not sure which list you’re referring to but mathblogging.org is not attempting to give blogs rankings. We collect a little bit of statistics (how many posts, how many comments are found on the blog) so that people can see which blogs are actively maintained. Feel free to examine our code on github.

  • slawekk says:

    Is there a way to search in the blogs listed on Mathblogging.org (and only there)? I tried to search for “formal proof” in the search box on the main page expecting to see at least Felix Breuer’s blog (listed on the site) post titled “Formal proof – first steps with HOL Light”, but instead I got some links to MathOverflow and StackExchange.

    • Thanks! That’s actually what the search is supposed to do as best as possible.

      You ran into a “bug”, or rather the fact that we forgot to remove MO & stackexchange from our custom-search when we stopped aggregating them. I’ll fix this on the weekend.

  • slawekk says:

    One more problem: I can’t subscribe to your aggregated feeds. I go to http://www.mathblogging.org/feeds, click on “The pure feed” and my Firefox 16.0.1 offers “Subscribe to this feed using Live Bookmarks”. I click “Subscribe now” and Mathblogging.org appears in my bookmark list, but it’s empty – there are no feed entries there.

    • Sorry it took so long to reply, your post somehow went by unnoticed…

      Regarding your problem: You should work as a beta-tester! 🙂 You spotted another re-occurring bug, namely that the filtering we use to make the aggregated feeds into a valid xml-file (the one that is used for the live bookmark) cannot deal with all the strange code that sometimes comes in through the feeds.

      We do try very hard to make sure that no harmful code can reach you through this, but sometimes there are tags that cannot be interpreted by your reader (in this case Firefox), because they are not part of the “official list”. Then it looks like there are no entries. If you look at the source of the website where you are offered by your browser to subscribe (right-click, view page source), you will see that it is not empty at all, but the feed-entries are invisible.

      To fix it we could of course keep adding exceptions, but there is always something else that can give the same problem. As we are planning to change the whole technical setup of mathblogging in the near future, it is however unlikely that we will be able to spend much energy on this.

      Sorry for this rather technical explanation which you didn’t ask for; I just wanted to assure you that we are happy that you were interested in this feature and that we would like to get it working again, but as this is something we can only do in our spare-time (and this sort of thing is not our profession), the best I can do is to promise that we are trying.

      In short: Thank you for telling us! We’ve seen it before and try to fix it, but soon there will be some change to the website that will hopefully fix this for good.

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