Mid week update

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

After the big update last week not a lot has happened. We had to clean up a few smaller issues but nothing out of the ordinary (and thankfully no down time). The next few weeks will be slow because we’re all traveling.

Different code, different problems

The old code only ever used the live feeds — they were downloaded, processed to generate the pages and then discarded. This had some major drawbacks, especially for the stats since most feeds are too short to represent a whole month of posts.

Now that we’re temporarily storing information, we have to deal with other issues. For example, wordpress users mostly have rss feeds which do not offer a timestamp for the last update. So if something changes in a post (say, somebody adds a PlanetMO tag), the feed does not easily reflect this and our database does not update because checking more than the timestamp is rather cpu heavy. There’s not much we can do except appeal to bloggers to use the atom protocol, but since we’re only keeping information for a month, we hope it’s not a huge issue. After all, most posts never see an update.

Database update

After last weeks huge update only four new feeds found us and were added today.

The math/maths podcast

Musing Mathematically

An Ocean Of Knowledge An Inch Deep.

Dr. Nicki’s Guided Math Blog

Database update

August 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

After updating our code we followed up with updating the database.

As we’ve written before, we couldn’t update the database until updating the code since the old code had been too inefficient. But, as you know, the code has finally been updated — so it was time to run the database update.

We had a test run with the new database and things look stable enough for us to take it online. The only downside is that the stats have been thrown off a bit due which couldn’t be avoided. They were still filling up anyway, so this process has only been delayed by a few days.

You’ll forgive us for not describing every new entry — since there’s a whopping 117 of them!.

We hope this takes us one step closer to connecting you to all math blogs out there — as always, enjoy!

PS: since we’re sure you’ll insist, here’s the updated list for reference.

jump math
jump math youtube channel
Rational Math Education
Maximizing Learning
We put the ‘fun’ in ‘function’
The Math Kid
Fibonacci Series
White Group H2 Maths Tuition
Homeschool Math Blog
Mudd Math Fun Facts
Math Teacher Mambo
The Math Mojo Chronicles
10-Minute Math
Crewton Ramone’s House of Math
Exploring Binary
Fun with num3ers
Math Tricks
Mind Your Decisions
Mr. L’s Math
Problems – Beni Bogoşel
Dead Reckonings
Singapore Math
Stephen Wolfram Blog
Text Savvy
The Math Factor
The Mathematical Tourist
The Number Warrior
The ZeroSum Ruler
Without Geometry, Life is Pointless
Mathematics and Computation
Ngô Quốc Anh
The buzz Math Blog
My Biased Coin
Homotopy Type Theory
Journal of Humanistic Mathematics
φ phi
PLoS One — mathematics
Point of inflection
Think, Thank, Thunk
The Math Hour with JR
Lucky’s Notes
A Brand New Line
Andrés Caicedo A Kind of Library
Mathematical Adventures
Math For Grownups
How I view it
Math is the new Black
Research in Practice
Springer Online First Mathematics and Statistics (Open Access)
Andrés Caicedo Teaching blog
Aline’s Weblog
What’s on my blackboard?
The Mathematician’s Shirt
Work in Pencil
Art of Problem Solving Blog
Theoretical Computer Science Stackexchange
Math 2.0
Mathcounts YouTube channel
MAA Flickr
MAA YouTube Channel
Mr. T’s Math Blog
A Recursive Process
Quod Erat Demonstrandum
MTH 629 Thoughts
Institute of mathematics and its applications
Mathematics: The Queen of Sciences
MoMath YouTube channel
Picasso Math
Albany Area Math Circle
Math Stories
Maplesoft Blog
Math + Technology = Fun
European Set Theory Society
Flavors and Seasons
Math O’ Man
Geogebra Applet Central
Μαθηματική Εκπαίδευση & Τεχνολογία
Math Ed Blog from Bruce Yoshiwara
WolframAlpha Blog
Math with my Kids
PHYSorg.com: Mathematics
Guided Math Study Group
Science Daily: Mathematics
Victor Porton’s Math Blog
Since it is not…
Simple City
Lost in Recursion
Math Concepts Explained
Francisco Blanca-Silva
Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival
Math Teachers At Play
Carnival of Mathematics
Carnevale della Matematica
Devlin’s Angle
Launchings by David Bressoud
My Personal Notebook
Tyler’s Daily Math Thoughts
YouTube Education/Mathematics
Tutorspree Blog

Database update

June 8, 2011 § 8 Comments

Now that the three part update has been completed, we could finally update the database a little bit.

As it was overdue, the update is rather large — a whopping 57 new entries!

Whew, quite a bit.

Database update

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

We promised this last week, but the update was larger than expected — 51 new entries! This pushes us well beyond 300 entries.

A quick list.


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