Weekly Picks

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

That time of the week — our weekly picks. Thanks to Fred for writing last week’s post!

On the sort-of-research-oriented side of posts, Computational Complexity repeats a 9-year-old poll on  P=NP (RJ Lipton and Scott Aaronson gave their answers as separate posts). With its second volume in the making, Mathlog takes a look at Rejecta Mathematica (translation) and the Renaissance Mathematicus answers a question on the Catholic Church suppressing scientific enquiry thoroughly (including a follow up). Scientia est potentia investigates waves (translation).

On the education side of things, Math+Literature shares her impressions of the 5th Math Fair in Thessaloniki (part 2, part 3) (translation one, two and three) and Math Prize for Girls reports on a panel discussion for parents and teachers.

Then bit-player lets a photo of raindrops on a patio table be the start of a mathematical journey.

Also, The Accidental Mathematician looks at a recent SCOTUS decision, 0xDE shares a short essay “Wikipedia Editing for Scientists” and Piece of Mind is visiting universities to investigate how to support faculty in the most expensive city in North America.

Among the short-yet-insightful posts: Mr Honner shared a success, E. Kowalski wonders who F. Peter is and Matthen generates beautiful errors.


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