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Mathematical Instruments.

Mathematical Instruments

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This post is part of the series Mathematical Instruments in which we introduce you to some of the math bloggers listed on our site. Today:

Guillermo Bautista — Math&Multimedia and many more

Any places like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. we can find you on?

My main Twitter account is @jr_bautista. I have also several blogs and every blog has its own Twitter account. I am also on Google+.

Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?  E.g., Where are you coming from (both geographically and philosophically)? What is your (scientific) background?

I am from the Philippines. I have a BS in Computer Science and an M.A in Mathematics. I work at the UP NISMED at University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus). UP NISMED is involved in teacher trainings, curriculum materials development, and educational research. I specialize on the integration of technology in teaching mathematics.

When and how did you first discover mathematical blogs?

I know about mathematical blogs since 2003 I think.

When did you start blogging?

I think I started in 2003 when I was in the undergraduate. I had a blog in Friendster but it was not really a math blog. It was a blog with miscellany of topics and several math posts.

Why did you start?

I just want to write about my thoughts and share it with my friends.

What do you write about?

I write about school mathematics and technology in my Mathematics and Multimedia blog. I  also write about math appreciation in The Mathematical Palette. I explain mathematical proofs in Proofs from the Book.

What wouldn’t have happened to you without the internet?

Well, I would have wasted a lot of time and I wouldn’t have learned this much.

What does the internet need more of?

People who comment responsibly on controversial issues.

Mathematicians on the web have…

opened opportunities to a lot of non-technical people.

Your daily web reading (mathematical or otherwise):

I read Yahoo News, Science Daily, Reader’s Digest, Twitter, and Facebook Feeds.

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