Mathematical Instruments: Mr. Honner

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Mathematical Instruments.

Mathematical Instruments

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This post is part of the series Mathematical Instruments in which we introduce you to some of the math bloggers listed on our site. Today:

Mr. Honner — Patrick Honner

What’s your blog’s name? Any other places we can find you on (Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc)? on twitter, +PatrickHonner on G+, Mr Honner on Facebook.

Would you tell us a little bit more about yourself?  E.g., Where are you coming from (both geographically and philosophically)? What is your background?  Any scientific education?

I’m a math teacher in Brooklyn, New York.  I teach at Brooklyn Technical High School (a “specialized” HS in NYC with around 5,000 students).  I teach Math Research, Single and Multivariable Calculus, and other courses.

I have a BS in Math, a BA in Philosophy, an MA in Math, and an M Ed in Math Education.

When and how did you first discover mathematical blogs?

I’m not sure it’s a “blog”, but Alexander Bogolmony’s “Cut the Knot” was one of the first math sites I used heavily, both for teaching and learning. I probably started stealing his stuff in the early 2000’s. Wolfram Mathworld was around back then, as well as the Math Forum.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in June, 2010.

Why did you start?

I wanted to explore blogging as a teaching and learning tool, and I figured I’d start by curating some of the wonderful mathematical content out there for my students. My hope was to extend our mathematical conversation beyond the physical classroom and the daily schedule.

What do you write about?

I primarily write about my mathematical experiences. I encounter mathematics all the time in my life and I try to share those encounters with my students, other teachers, and other math enthusiasts.

I also post mathematical photography and occasionally share my thoughts and ideas about teaching and learning.

What wouldn’t have happened to you without the internet?

I probably would have traveled less. I probably wouldn’t have been able to maintain so many good relationships throughout the years. I wouldn’t have learned as much, or as quickly. I wouldn’t have met such a wide variety of interesting and inspiring people.

What does the internet need more of?

Real conversation and real collaboration.

Mathematicians on the web have…

Greatly influenced me as a teacher and a mathematician. I routinely get great ideas to share with my students from the digital mathematics community, and it’s fun to observe and interact with working mathematicians and participate in their conversations.

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