Weekly Picks

May 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

We try to read every blog post that goes through For the Weekly Picks, we collect posts in one category from last week to give you an impression of what the mathematical blogosphere has to offer. (Read this for more information on this change.)

Last week, we focused on “Pure Researchers.


  • At Aleph Zero Categorical, Jason Polak gives Kaplansky’s proof that every projective module over a local ring is free.
  • At My Biased Coin, guest blogger Justin Thaler explains a recent paper he co-authored on attribute-efficient learning.
  • At Combinatorics and more, Gil Kalai lets you catch up before the debate on Quantum Fault-Tolerance Debate continues.


  • At The Accidental Mathematician, Izabella Laba continues her series on teaching loads.
  • At Computational Complexity, Lance Fortnow observes how CS conference have becom a pay-to-publish venue.
  • At Piece of Mind, Nassif Ghoussoub shares more bad news on the bleed-out of NSERC’s Discovery Program.
  • At Mathlog, Thilo Kuessner links to three videos by the Humboldt Foundation portraying Weiss, Kreimer and Levine.


  • At Area 777, Conan Wu shares some notes on a talk by Terry Tao on the 3-dim Hilbert-Smith conjecture.
  • Gaussianos (translation) explains how Fermat’s Last Theorem escaped the clutches of Lame.
  • Out of the Norm introduces you to the wonderful Schreier sets with a surprise connection to Fibonacci numbers.


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