Weekly Picks

April 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

We try to read every blog post that goes through For the Weekly Picks, we collect posts in one category from last week to give you an impression of what the mathematical blogosphere has to offer. (Read this for more information on this change.)

Last week, we focused on “Pure Researchers.



  • At Azimuth, John Baez links to his robot-supported talk on environmental issues at Google.
  • Out of the Norm explains Gowers’ hyperplane space using Jenga.
  • Quomodocumque reflects on probalitities of probabilities.
  • Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP wonders if protein folding couldn’t be solved with inspiration from lazy evaluation.


  • Episodic Thoughts discusses prizes for young mathematicians and calls for a Galois prize.
  • Piece of Mind reports the latest innovation at BIRS: live streaming and recording of all talks.
  • The Secret Blogging Seminar discusses an upcoming piece in the Notices of the AMS regarding the Elsevier boycott.
  • James Colliander analyzes the NSERC discovery grant results for Toronto.



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