Weekly Picks

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

We try to read every blog post that goes through For the Weekly Picks, we collect posts from last week that give you an impression of what the mathematical blogosphere has to offer.

{A few more posts than usual since we didn’t post last week.}


Art, Essays etc.


  • Angles of Reflection takes on the big one: grades.
  • Piece of Mind introduces Small Number and the efforts to communicate mathematics better to First Nation students.
  • Diary of a maths teacher discusses why society needs to change how it views math and why we should dare to bring (true) math into the classroom
  • Republic of Math shares nice example for (true) mathematics that can be done in the classroom.
  • dy/dan shares a transcript of a panel discussion with Keith Devlin, Karim Ani and Dan Meyer himself.
  • Musing Mathematically coins the term “atomic skills”, important for understanding, but are uninteresting on their own
  • Il piccolo Friedrich shares a personal story of becoming a teacher and a great example of how to present difficult material in the classroom (translation).




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