Weekly Picks

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

We try to read every blog post that goes through Mathblogging.org. For the Weekly Picks, we collect posts from last week that give you an impression of what the mathematical blogosphere has to offer.

Bit-player and Mr. Palomar (translation) remembered John McCarthy.

Évariste Galois’s 200th Birthday was celebrated at Peter Cameron’s Blog and Mathlog (translation) who also celebrated Chern’s 100th birthday (translation).

On the general audience side of blogging, The Endeavour shared an elegant proof by Erdős on prime numbers, bit-player wondered about the decreasing relative size of the n-dimensional unit ball, Mathlog (translation) covered the recent decryption of an 18th century code and Images des Mathématiques  (translation) had an introduction to the open question of tilings with pentagons.

On the educator side of blogs, Real Teaching Means Real Learning had a discussion on students reporting how much they learn from multiple choice tests etc,   Think, Thank, Thunk wondered about feeling bad you don’t knows something,  dy/dan shared some criteria for engaging problems and emergent math made a point about the biggest untapped resource for math problems: the weather.

On the research side of blogging, 0xDE put together a wikibook on Fundamental Data Structures, Casting Out Nines uses less examples and more peer instruction, Azimuth explained the complexity barrier of Chatin’s incompleteness theorem and SymOmega asked for help in finding a mysterious graph.

On the research community side of blogging, Xi’an’s Og discussed a recent French example for how Europe is driving away top graduates, Geometry Bulletin Board shared a letter to EPSRC’s David Delpy, Nuit Blanche explained why sharing code and data is compound interest  and Punk Rock OR collected five articles about women and engineering; also, the EMS linked to information on major changes among the European research funding organizations.

For some Halloween scare, watch Singing Banana’s 28 Minutes Later – The Maths of Zombies.

Shout outs to

(x,why?) who turned 4 — congrats!

SquareCircleZ who hosted the 16th Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival.


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