Mid-week update

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

We just pushed a second small update within a week. This fixes a second bug that has crept up after our last increase in the database.

Both bugs were due to our code not being efficient enough to handle the amount of feeds we’re aggregating now. The first one occurred on mathblogging.org/bytype . Our code took too long to generate the page (collecting up the recent posts of each feed we aggregate). Since it took too long, the webserver side of the app engine simply aborted the attempt to delive the page.  Although a simple refresh after such a time out gave you the (then cached) page, this was obviously a rather severe bug. We tried to reduce the chance of anyone encountering this problem, but since the app engine does not allow a very good control over caching we couldn’t guarantee anytying.  We’re sorry that it took us so long to fix but the caching is now much more reliable with additional caching redundancies.

The other bug was similar in nature though different in appearance: the great tag cloud at mathblogging.org/planettag had simply disappeared! As before, creating a tag cloud of all posts in all feeds was taking too long. Again, a simple caching was the solution, but we had to re-write a bit more than we’d expected.

In any case, we hope we’re back on track and haven’t caused too much of an inconvenience.

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