Weekly Picks

October 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Alright, that time of the week. Let’s give you something to read.

First off, Happy Birthday, mathoverflow.net! 2 years and already it has changed the research community forever.

On the researcher side of blogs, you could find everything this week, from kissing (numbers) of spheres at Area 777 to Nuit Blanche seeing the line in the sand of P=NP move to The Laughing Mathematician explaining pattern formation in animals to Gaussianos constructing an impossible heptagon with ruler and compass (translation).

The possibly biggest splash was made by the announcement a proof of the inconsistency of Peano Arithmetic which was debated by many on the web leading to the retraction of the claim within a couple of days; John Baez was central to the debate and wrote about it at The N-category Café but also M-Phi had a few posts.

On the research community side of blogs, Statistical Modeling […] picked up another dramatic number: 18% of statistical results in psychology papers are incorrect and Maxwell’s Demon shared some thoughts on The University Project.  The Secret Blogging Seminar discussed a Mathoverflow question on the fears of undergraduates online. Continuing the discussion on EPSRC, Geometry Bulletin Board shared a letter by Michael Singer taking apart the promises of EPSRC.

On the teaching side of blogs,  i choose math wrote a letter to Sal Khan, Re-educate Seattle discussed followership and Lost In Recursion pointed out “Humans did that”. Quod erat demonstrandum offered teaching ideas with a battle of the integers and emergent math started a collaborative IBL curriculum.

If you’re still reading, you should stop by at Intersections to read Howard Nemerov’s “To David, About His Education”.


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