Weekly Picks

September 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The week is on its way so here are some picks from last week.

First of all, you should head over to Math Accent and its fantastic crowd-sourcing project for a creative commons book! It’s less than a day to go, so hurry up and give what you can!

On the teacher side of blogs, ichoosemath taught without having the answers and Real teaching means real learning changed the definition of an exam. Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere found the problem that never fails and Musing Mathematically shaded squares. Finally, Gyre&Gimble reflected on pre-chunking

On the researcher side of blogs, Libres pensées d’un mathématicien ordinaire remembered John Michael Hammersley while Azimuth studied Fool’s Gold. Flavors and Seasons shared a reflection on discussions and Regularize started a series on the uncertainty principle for the windowed Fourier transform. On top of that, Peter Cameron’s Blog celebrated the 1254th London Algebra Colloquium.

On the art side of blogs, Intersections shared a poem by Allison Hedge Coke and Singing Banana gave the solution to its Game of Nine. On the philosophy side, M-Phi asked if/why mathematicians should care about philosophy of mathematics.

Last but not least, Rachel Binx wrote about her data visualization work at this years MTV Video Music Awards,
Maurizio Codogno started a series on Gödel’s Incompleteness theorem (translation) and MathBlog.dk gave a short exposition on the pigeon hole principle.

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