Weekly Picks

August 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well, that day of the week and here are some picks from last week.

Let’s start with an urgent call: support Relatively Prime! Barely 48h left to get Samuel Hansen’s kickstarter project funded.

On the research side of blogging, SymOmega visited finite projective planes and maximal arcs of odd order, Peter Cameron gave a very accessible introduction to groups, semigroups and groupoids and Nanexplanations reviewed a paper on the extended Church-Turing Thesis while Andrew Gelman discussed visualization vs statistical graphs at The Statistics Forum.

Regarding research funding, Tim Gowers dissected the EPSRC’s attitude towards mathematics —  which was picked up by Peter Cameron and Nassif Ghoussoub (who also estimated the changes in NSERC funding). Also, Computational Complexity ranted about LaTeX and at the Statistics Forum people were off to see the wizard(s) at JSM11. For Spanish speaking people, MatemáTICas embedded an official video to disseminate mathematics in Spain.

On the teacher and educator side of blogging, Math Is Not A Four Letter Word saw how easily a necklace gets a pre-schooler to explore mathematical shapes and Math Mama Writes… published her first paper — congrats!

On the visual and art side of things matthen made another Coriolis force animation, and Punk Rock OR visualized some social networks while WolframBlog made wine glasses from sunflowers.

Not to forget, Rudi Matematici celebrated Ernst Zermelo’s birthday (translation) and Intersections gives a mass of links related to the Bridges Math-Art meeting in Coimbra.

Finally, Gaussianos turned 5 (translation) — congratulations!!!

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