Weekly Picks

July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well it’s already Wednesday — time for some delayed picks from last week!

On the education side of blogging, Angles of Reflection wonders about data resistanceRe-educate Seattle discusses giving tests while students remember the material.

On the research community side of bloggging, Mathoverflow had a good meta-debate about a series of closed posts, Piece of mind recorded personal and professional impressions from the conference in honor of Chang-Shou Lin. Also, Xi’an’s Og did some public refereeing, the Secret Blogging Seminar discusses Elsevier’s newest service and Images des mathématiques logged five days in the life of a mathematician (translation).

On the research side of blogging, Dropsea did some researchblogging about a biological solution to the maximal independent set problem (translation), Built On Facts imagines how relativitiy could have been discovered in the 1860s, Xor’s Hammer is back from a long break and writes about logical interpretations of topology and Good Math, Bad Math talks about code review which seems to apply to all parts of life.

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