Mid-week non-update

July 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

As you may have noticed, we haven’t updated the code and the database of mathblogging.org in a while. We thought you might be interested in what’s going on.

A big update in the working

We’re currently rewriting the core of our code. As you may have noticed, our code has come to its limits. Since the last database update (to now 370 sources!) the infamous “white boxes” have appeared much more frequently on mathblogging.org/bytype. These “white boxes” usually appear when the fetching process times out. More annoyingly, this means that the feeds are not collected which affects our other pages. Especially our own feeds (which a lot of people are using regularly) are sometimes swamped with entries when the fetching of a single blog suddenly works after timing out for a couple of days.

The recent increase of these timeouts told us that our implementation has really come to a limit. It was time to rewrite it and finally start storing everything properly for more reliable access by the dynamically generated pages.

Not only will this rewrite make mathblogging.org more reliable. It will also improve our pages in general; especially mathblogging.org/bystats and PlanetTAG  will offer better results.

Well, at least that’s what we hope. Yesterday, we finished the basic re-write and started debugging… So gives us a few more days months years 😉

The database update delayed

As we tweeted yesterday, we have collected ~100 new entries for mathblogging.org. But we have decided not to update the database before the code has been improved. As explained above, the problems on mathblogging.org are due to the increased size of the database. If we added  a hundred blogs now, things would most likely get much worse.

So if you want us to add your blog, do let us know! We will let you know that we’ve seen it, but please: be patient! Our reply means that we added your blog to our upcoming database update and so your blog will appear on mathblogging.org as soon as the update goes live.

But please don’t make us feel worse than we already do for such a backlog. We are, after all, working on mathblogging.org in our spare time and sometimes we actually do need to work for a living on our research.

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