Weekly Picks

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Almost Wednesday, let’s have some picks from last week.

Tuesday saw quomodcumque reveal what he learned from experimental mathematics, Maxwell’s Demon remember Foyle’s Mathematics room, Algorithms, game theory … etc link to videos from Innovations in Algorithmic Game Theory and The Accidental Mathematician analyze PIMS Collaborative Research Groups.

Skipping Wednesday, Thursday made up for it. First, Understanding Uncertainty took a calm look at the new on cell phones and brain cancer and Gaussianos followed with a look at Proizlov’s Identity (translation). Then FlowingData looked at visualizations of online dating profiles while Michael Trick studied his academci genealogy. Finally, Mathlog mused on mathematicians in the Guiness Book of Records (translation) and  Math Frolic! celebrated its first birthday. Last but not least, Azimuth described the experiment of writing a paper on a blog.

Thankfully, there was time to recuperate on Friday with SymOmega’s post investigating the history of a conjecture.

Come Saturday The Geomblog gave advice on applying for academic jobs this fall (in the US), A Neighborhood of Infinity takes a Quora question on diffraction to a whole new level and CTK Insights studies proofs without words.

To end the week, Xi’an’s Og finds a curious paper on the arXiv, The Value of the Variable connects the Kalevala and incompleteness, Series Divergentes remembers Raymond Paley and Maurizio Codogno reminds of Fermat’s Theorem that wasn’t (translation).


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