Big update — part 2

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

We just updated the server with the second part of our three part update.

Introducing PlanetTAG

This part of the update consists of only one part: PlanetTAG! If you follow us on twitter, you might already have found this Easter egg (and noticed it was a little slow). After some more tweaking we’re ready to release a tag cloud. Now you can view the tags most popular across all blogs.

But, you say, a tag cloud has to be more than just pretty! We got you covered: we combined the tag cloud with the idea of PlanetMO to create PlanetTAG. Click on a tag in the cloud and you get the 50 most recent posts with that tag in any blog in our database.

There’s one caveat though. We cannot give you more than we get — the tag cloud will only be useful if bloggers use tags well. In fact, we had to manually removed the tag “Uncategorized” since it would be dominant otherwise.

In any case, we hope this will be a useful tool for you while exploring the richness of mathematical blogs!


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