Weekly Picks

May 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s Tuesday and here are our picks for last week!

Tuesday made up for skipping Monday. At the n-Category Cafe, Tom Leinster offered some accessible thoughts on means and entropies and Understanding Uncertainty found a perfect example for an important aspect of uncertainty; on top of that, Mathlog posted the Best Visual Illusion, 2011.

Come Wednesday, FlowingData gave a tutorial on mapping connections with great circles while a great guest post at Broken Airplane shared an experiment with paperless discussion. On the researcher side, +plus Magazine had an article by Alessandra Carriero on modeling bone growth, The Accidental Mathematician shared her submission to the LRP steering committee, PunkrockOR combined coffee and OR  and PhD+Epsilon mused about being close but not too close to students. On top of that, Intersections shared a wonderful poem on conditionals.

On Thursday, Republic of Math thought about radical approaches to changing the math curriculum in higher education, Neverendingbooks elaborated on Manin’s comparison of the field with one element and art movements. Setting an example, Piece Of Mind shared the reasons to head the Mprime Network. On the lighter side, DataIsNature introduced its readers to the curious copyright on random digits while Mathematics under the Microscope gave one more reason why Haskell is every mathematician’s darling.

Friday also saw some excellent blogging: OR in an OB World wondered how data analysis will influence operations research  and Re-educate Seattle mused about meaningful feedback for students. Also setting an example (seemed to be the theme of the week), Xian’s Og shared some open refereeing.

Taking the weekend almost off, nobody should have passed by Maxwell’s Demon’s return from a long blogging break on Saturday.


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