Weekly Picks

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yep, that time of the week, running a little late.

Skipping Monday and Tuesday in a hurry, on Wednesday, the fate of VU Amsterdam’s geometry group gave rise to a heated debate on mathoverflow — should MO be tough on non-research questions or will its community embrace the responsibility to become a Q&A-forum for  all aspects of the profession? Interesting times indeed.

Thursday, Multplication by Infinity took a look inside our bodies and found many fractals while Math Encounters Blog used computer algebra systems to understand actual hardware.

Come Friday, Rudi Matematici celebrated Henri Poincaré’s birthday (translation) and Nuit Blanche reminded everyone of the number one reason to blog.

Taking Saturday off, Sunday didn’t disappoint: Geometric Delights crocheted a dodecahedron pillow, Hydrobates explained the Hill equality, Andrew Gelman reviews Peter Huber’s new book on data analysis and Doron Zeilberger offered one of his inspiring (and controversial) opinions.

Shout-out: Maurizio Codogno’s first blog anniversary (translation) — buon compleanno!


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