Weekly update

April 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Slowly we’re getting back into a weekly rhythm… What’s new?

We just deployed an updated version of our code to the app engine. (Un)fortunately, there’s nothing visible — yet.

After last week’s quota problems, we think we have identified and fixed the latest bug. If you care, here’s what happened. For safety reasons we had started to keep sanitized copies of each entry in the memcache (for things like PlanetMO). But some bloggers write such long posts that this increase blew the 1MB limit of GAE’s memcache. This in turn collided with the real bug — we had forgotten to catch such an error and good old GAE just retried to download and process such feeds indefinitely… Not too surprisingly, this led to an overload in incoming bandwidth and CPU-time.

So the only visible change with this update is that the “problematic” blogs (among them Timothy Gowers’s) are back in our database!

On the bright side, we are almost ready to release a couple of new features. So stay tuned for our next update (or hunt our code to find these easter eggs and let us know in the comments if you like what you see!).

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