Weekly picks

March 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Welcome to this week’s picks.

Finally, we’re back on schedule!

We felt more like boycotting Monday’s annual celebrations — but then the incredible Vi Hart comes along and there’s no way we can’t point you her way…

There are always nice short posts that are great quick reads, this week especially ‘in theory’ wondered about beauty in chess and mathematics and God Plays Dice investigated the history of Kirillov’s lucky numbers, but also Mr Honner was baffled by his niece’s interest in mathematics while Mathematics for Teaching identified a problematic behavior of mathematics teachers.

Among the longer posts, Concrecte Nonsense shared some insight into Hopf algebras and Gaussianos had a great interview with Cilleruelo Javier about Sidon sets (translation). On a lighter note, the Math Encounters Blog had some fun thinking about olympic rowing and Pat’s blog had a great post about the Morley family . Finally, Azimuth saw some crowd-sourcing for a talk. If your Italian is good, we must invite you to rudi matematici’s birthday post for Christian Goldbach (but you can also suffer the translation), a marvelous post.

Finally, a shout-out to the new blog ‘school of freebies’ with Mathematics and Multimedia — not so much a math blog, but a great project.

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