Weekly picks

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to this weeks picks!

We have been very happy about all the feedback through many channels — thank you so much  (and keep it coming!)

So, you started the week by taking Monday off, but you made up for this on Tuesday when you read about hecklers at technical talks at Gödel’s lost Letter and P=NP (with the usual great amount of useful comments), glanced at the very cool (almost complete) 24-cell on reperiendi, enjoyed Har-har-Hardy jokes and the bucket list new year’s resolutions at Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks as well as a great proof research by picture” at division by zero and finally finished the day at QED insight for an insight into the magnetism.

Phew, you thought you’d take it slow, but come Wednesday you were back at it, reading up on some intriguing thoughts on the expressiveness of numbers at Math rising , learned about models of tsunamis at  images des mathématiques (translated copy), the women behind the first supercomputer thanks to Punk Rock OR,  headed over to the equalis community blog’s repost of Ask a mathematician, ask a physicist that the circle number is equal to 4 and finally enjoyed one more amazing WCYDWT at dy/dan.

On Thurdsay, you finally took it slow and just enjoyed some ocd-flavored postings on scale invariance from a practical point of view at Ars Physica (translation). But come Friday, the blogosphere just couldn’t let it go and bombarded you with great posts. So you cheered on Math4love for the Monthly Math Hours, followed the intriguing discussion of Network Theory and Green Mathematics at John Baez’s Azimuth, were amazed at the Math History Tour of Nottingham with your friendly neighbourhood spider-man guide Travels in the mathematical world, drowned in the 75th Carnival of Mathematics at General Musings, were intrigued by Built on Fact’s thoughts on lab measurements and finally came back to Gödel’s lost Letter and P=NP with a great post on Rosser’s trick.

But at least the weekend was calm when you listened to 0xDE explain a recent paper that beautifully highlights the difference between theory and implementation — a perfect “there and back and there and back again” kind of story — whereas on Sunday you leisurely spend some time at Not Even Wrong’s short items with a wonderful net crowd sourcing example of how Barry Mazur found a copy of his own lost 60s preprint on mathoverflow and finished the week enjoying Aristotle’s wheel paradox via Math-Frolic!.

And the best part: even though all these posts were posted last week, you can still read them 😀 Enjoy!

Coda. And then you’re back at your other computer and  see that your browser still has some tabs open from Saturday: Machine Learning etc with a post on linear programming for maximum independent sets, Rudi Matematici wrote about Jones polynomials (translation) and Ars Physica wrote about general relativity in Mathematica (tranlsation).

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