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February 28, 2011 § 11 Comments

Welcome to this weeks picks!

Last week’s experiment was a success, so we will try to keep it up.

Last Monday you started your week by visiting Machine Learning etc. to read the slightly creepy story of how you can patent an algorithm in the US (despite the law being explicitly against it).  Then on Tuesday you headed over to Math4Love to pick up some ideas for mathematically inclined books and games for kids and their parents (and if that wasn’t enough you just went back on Friday for one more).

On Wednesday, after admiring the high typesetting quality of the ongoing lecture notes at I woke up in a strange place (which is impressive given the restrictions of wordpress.com), you pondered how often you had the same misunderstanding at a party that Women in mathematics discussed; to relax even if you have already seen it you also watched the amazing RSA-talk on Changing the education paradigm by Sir Ken Robinson thanks to the reminder at Mathematics and Multimedia. On Thursday you learnt from Freakonometrics that bikers and nuns are the same (if all you want is to sit in your designated seat on an airplane).

Heading for the weekend, you made sure to check out the AMS grad student blog with a post on interdisciplinary communication, spent some time at Gaussianos to learn that not all Neumanns are called von and John, read up on the (non)sense of gender discrimination by insurance companies at Understanding Uncertainty and finally enjoyed the beauty of soapy mathematics at Images des mathématiques (and if your French is not good enough you used a translation).

Saturday, you learned about Piet Hein (and his game TacTix) at Observational Epidemology while on Sunday you stepped out of sequence for something completely different at mathjokes4mathyfolks. After understanding that finding love might be harder than finding a secretary (at least according to Michael Trick) you grasped technology readiness levels thanks to Nuit Blanche. And to finish the week QED Insight reminded you of the end of Black History Month in the US.

The best part: even though all these posts were posted last week, you can still read them 😀 Enjoy!


§ 11 Responses to Weekly picks

  • venneblock says:

    I received a pingback on my blog today. Thanks for the link! This is a great idea. I’ll definitely be checking in weekly.

    Can I be a jerk and kindly ask you to fix the link to my blog? You have “mathjokes4mathyfol” but it should be “mathjokes4mathyfolks” (the k and s are missing).

    • mathbloggingnetwork says:

      @venneblock thanks for your feedback. I updated the post to correct the link to your blog; thanks for the correction! — Peter from mathblogging.org

  • Igor Carron says:

    Same as previous commenter, there is a small typo. It’s Nuit Blanche (not e to nuit). Interesting experiment and site.



  • Igor Carron says:

    uh-oh, it looks like I displeased the gods of mathblogging 🙂



  • Igor Carron says:

    The RSS feed went blank for a little while. I guess it must be a feedburner issue. Sorry.



    • mathbloggingnetwork says:

      Igor, thanks for the info.

      Quick question: did you mean mathblogging.org’s feed as a whole or your blog’s “box” on http://www.mathblogging.org/bytype?

      Sometimes the “boxes” in our ‘Category View’ go blank when the download of the feed times out for. It refreshes every 45 minutes and usually fixes itself.

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