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February 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

Welcome to a new experiment!

Starting mathblogging.org made all of us read more mathematical blogs than ever before. But not everybody can be this obsessed, so we thought we’d follow the age-old blog traditions and tell you about the stuff we found interesting last week.

Since this is the mathblogging.org blog, we restrict ourselves to posts you can find via mathblogging.org.

The week started off with good news for Polymath4, the referee report is out and looks good. Monday could not get enough of Valentine’s Day mathematics and M@atematicamente had a sweet collection of links (in case your Italian is not up to speed, google translate helps). If you’re Italian is very good, you should check out the birthday post for Galilei on Rudi Matematici, otherwise you could have spent Tuesday at The Accidental Mathematician learning that math is strictly less than reality (from a modeling point of view); for a wonderful proof by picture, head over to reperiendi — a brilliant nerd-alert.

On Wednesday, QED Insight explained how you end up not knowing what a basis is if all you do is beat the system and Scott Aaronson led you to his very enjoyable TEDx talk. The entire week saw Vi Hart visit the Pforzheimer House at Harvard (the link leads to the last post of the series, so you might want to go back and stare in wonder at the others, too).  On Thursday, Kareem Carr send you over to a discussion on mathoverflow to learn that William Thurston just keeps on inspiring.

On Friday you could also get some classic Terry Tao exposition, in this case,  how to derive the Szemerédi-Trotter Theorem via the polynomial ham sandwich theorem. But you could also learn from Division by Zero that Abraham Lincoln had tried to square the circle (and, of course, wasn’t a crank). This week could not go by without many posts on Watson winning Jeopardy, bit player wrote an excellent piece on Saturday. And on Sunday, Travels in Mathematics continued the blog experiment of 400 words in 30 minutes, this time on how he chose mathematics.

And the best part: even though all these posts were posted last week, you can still read them 😀 Enjoy!

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